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I had such a terrible experience with this company that I felt compelled to make sure everyone would know. In an attempt to anticipate unfounded claims against me by the company I am going to post our entire email correspondence for transparency. | The short version: I reached out to the company 9/8/2017 because I lost the Certificate of Authenticity (COA). I confessed and did everything asked of me to have it resent. Days went by and nothing. I reached out. Nothing. So I threatened to involve Amazon. And wouldn’t you know it, instant response. Again more time goes by and nothing. Then more nothing despite numerous emails from me. Well, I threaten Amazon involvement again and boom, instant response. Well, even with Amazon involvement and very specific requests from me, time went on with no COA so on 10/28/17 (yes, almost two months late) I finally had Amazon refund me the money. | The problem is that the football NEEDS the COA! I am not happy with the refund. It should be noted: Amazon was phenomenal. Signature Dog was absolutely terrible. | Below is the entire thread. | CUSTOMER | Sent: Friday, September 8, 2017 | To: Signature Dog | Subject: Amazon order # 112-3605418-5614636 – Certificate of authenticity | Good afternoon and happy Friday. | First of all. I absolutely love the product I purchased from you. Thank you for taking such care in shipping. | Someone, I won’t say who, lost the certificate of authenticity for my Autographed Denver Broncos football. | Are you able to send another? I will gladly pay shipping and handling. I’ve included the order details below. | [Image] | [Image] | Thank you so much. | SIGNATURE DOG | On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 | "Signature Dog" <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>> wrote: | Please send photos of the item | CUSTOMER | Sent: Friday, September 8, 2017 | To: Signature Dog | Subject: Re: Amazon order # 112-3605418-5614636 – Certificate of authenticity | [Image] | [Image] | SIGNATURE DOG | On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 Signature Dog" <[email protected]> wrote: | You just need a coa card. We need the hologram number and image | CUSTOMER | Fri 9/8/2017 | Okay. I’ll take a picture tmrw morning and send it to you. Thank you so much. | CUSTOMER | Sat 9/9/2017 | [Image] | [Image] | CUSTOMER | Wed 9/13/2017 | Still waiting to hear from you. Have you received my email with the hologram and photo? | CUSTOMER | Mon 9/18/2017 | Please respond to my emails. If I don not hear from you by tomorrow I will have to involve amazon. | SIGNATURE DOG | Mon 9/18/2017 | What is the issue? You lost a coa card and it’s our fault? | CUSTOMER | Mon 9/18/2017 | I do not recall blaming you or implying it was your "fault". Are you typically this defensive? | I did lose the COA, and I’ve communicated that in previous emails. | I was kindly told that if I send a "hologram number and image" someone at Signature Dog would send me a new COA (see previous emails). The reason I suggested I would involve amazon, is because I did what was asked of me and then did not hear back from you until this morning, 9 days later. | SIGNATURE DOG | Mon 9/18/2017 We have an email sent to the warehouse. We can get a new one sent. | CUSTOMER | Mon 9/18/2017 | Is there anything else you need from me? I’m happy to help. | And thank you. Sorry for any miscommunication. | CUSTOMER | Wed 9/20/2017 | Any update on the COA? I’m happy to pay for shipping | CUSTOMER | Thu 9/21/2017 | We are approaching 4 days since I heard from anyone. Would someone please update me? | CUSTOMER | Thu 10/5/2017 | Please contact me tomorrow regarding our conversation. At this point I have zero confidence in your customer service and will include amazon. I initiated this correspondence on 9/8, have communicated multiple times with no response and now, almost a month later have had enough. I’d say I gave you every opportunity. | I expect to hear from someone Friday 10/6/2017 with confirmation that the COA has been sent along with a tracking number. If I don’t receive confirmation by close of business PST I will contact the [email protected] customer complaint department and include this entire correspondence in a review of the product. | (If you have not heard of the email, take a minute to look it up – think amazons internal better business bureau). | Thank you for a great product. | SIGNATURE DOG | Fri 10/6/2017 | This was mailed out over two weeks ago. If you’d like to provide us with a Fedex account number we’d have no problem overnighting you one. | CUSTOMER | Fri 10/6/2017 | Can you tell me what address is was sent to and provide proof of delivery? I check my mail often and have not received anything. | Is there any reason no one followed up with me to notify me it was sent? I emailed your customer service several times without a response and the only times I heard back from you was after I threatened to involve amazon. | I will still pay for shipping especially if it was sent already. To ensure delivery you can request that it be picked up. That way you can rest assured it’s not lost in route or overlooked by me, and I can be sure it was sent and can track it. | CUSTOMER | Sat 10/7/2017 | I have contacted Amazon’s customer service for help. After nearly a month of correspondence, it is apparent that you are not interested in helping me. | I hope to hear from either you or Amazon with confirmation that the COA is being sent. | SIGNATURE DOG | Sat 10/7/2017 | Did you not get our message ? Again this is all over something you lost ? Do you want another sent in the mail or you also stated you would pay if you want it sent overnight | CUSTOMER | Sat 10/7/2017 | I asked you for confirmation that the COA was resent and you did not provide one. I do not have a FedEx account. | I have politely stated several times that I was aware that “I lost the COA”. | Your constant need to point out that this is my fault is at best unnecessary and at worst flagrantly rude. As someone involved in customer service I am amazed at your poor follow through, disrespectful tone and lack of communication. All one needs to do is look over this thread to see the number of times I reached out to you and the almost complete lack of follow up. (One can’t help notice how quick you respond when I mention Amazon). | What should have happened is you should have responded to me shortly after I sent you the hologram and proof of purchase as requested. Then you should have included a tracking number and confirmation it was sent (the way Amazon does with ALL their products). | What happened is: | I sent the images as requested. Followed by several emails, then got this response “What is the issue? You lost a coa card and it’s our fault?” 9 days later! | After minimal follow through from you I reach out again, almost a month later, and you tell me it was already sent. (Don’t you think you should have updated me to inform me it was sent, especially after my numerous emails?). Again, you make sure I know this is all my fault and STILL do not provide any of the information I ask for (confirmation/tracking number etc..). After such poor customer service, I cannot take your word it was sent. | At this point, I just want it sent AND I want a tracking number. | ***It is at this point that I contacted Amazon for help with a resolution. | AMAZON | Oct 7 2017 | Details: The customer has contacted us requesting assistance in obtaining a certificate of authenticity for this item. The customer stated he has lost the certificate that came with this item. The customer has also stated he has been in communications with you and provided all the information you requested. | Please help the customer resolve this matter as soon as possible. | Thank you for your help. | AMAZON | Oct 7 | Hello Eric, | Looking at your order, I see that it was placed with Signature Dog, a seller on our website. I’ve sent your inquiry regarding your order #112-9163132-0749000 for Von Miller DeMarcus Ware Dual Autographed Signed Denver Broncos Logo Football COA & Hologram to the seller on your behalf. You’ll receive a copy of the e-mail sent to the seller shortly. | Communications with sellers can also be viewed in Your Account here: | Please give sellers two business days to respond. In most cases, you’ll receive a reply much sooner. When the seller replies, you’ll be able to respond directly to the seller’s e-mail. | Thanks for your patience. We look forward to seeing you again soon. | We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today. | Best regards, | Karen M | | *** On Oct 13 I placed a call to Amazon customer service. Below is their response. | AMAZON | Hello, | We’ve been contacted by a customer regarding the order identified below. | ——————– | | Reason: Other | Details: URGENT!! You have not responded to the customer. The customer has lost the certificate of authenticity for this item and needs to know how to get another one. Please respond to the customer with a resolution. | SIGNATURE DOG | Oct 13 | This was mailed as our notes show. We can issue another one on Monday. If it does not show up by Wednesday please let us know. | CUSTOMER | Oct 15 | Would you provide a tracking number as well so Amazon, you and I can all rest easy knowing it’s on its way and I can confirm its delivery for you? | CUSTOMER | Oct 19 | Wednesday has come and gone and I have not received the COA. Did you send one? If so, please include a tracking number. Between our personal and Amazon emails I have requested tracking info three times. It has now been 41 days since I made the initial request. | *** At this point I email both Amazon and Signature Dog before calling Amazon. Below is Amazon’s response. | AMAZON | Oct 19 | Hello, | We’ve been contacted by a customer regarding the order identified below. | ——————– | Reason: Missing Items, Parts or Accessories | Details: Customer has contacted you MANY times in the past 41 days. This issue is taking way too long. Please resolve this issue as soon as you can. | The customer has not received the new authenticity paperwork, COA, and you have not providing any tracking information for the new one that was supposedly sent. Please resend the COA with a tracking number or provide the customer with the previous tracking number or provide a solution for the customer as the football is worthless without the COA. | *** Here I finally give in. I call Amazon one last time and they refund me my money. Their response is below. Still now word from Signature Dog. | AMAZON | Hello, | We’re writing to let you know we processed your refund of $189.00 for your Order 112-9163132-0749000 from Signature Dog. | This refund is for the following item(s): | Here’s the breakdown of your refund for this item: | Item Refund: $189.00 | We’ll apply your refund to the following payment method(s): | Visa Credit Card: $189.00 | We’ve processed a refund for the above order in the amount of $189.00. In most cases, once a refund has been submitted, the issuing bank will post it to your account within 3-5 business days when issued to a credit card. Refunds issued to a bank account or pin-less debit typically take 10 business days to reflect on the account balance. This time frame may vary from one financial institution to another. | Sincerely, | | We’re Building Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company |


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