Silver Lake Smoke Shop Review


My girlfriend bought a Bulcigs e-cigarette from Silver Lake Smoke Shop in Siver Lake (Everett) Wa. and only seconds after the purchase and after she realized that the product was defective & did not work, she asked for an exchange of an equal product that acually works. This swindling liar that owns and runs this store told her “”NO”” and that all sales are final. I returned with my girlfriend demanding an exchange OR our money back. This thieving, little weasel refused to comply or to realize that we just gave him our money for a product that is unusable! Since then, we have researched and found out that this cheating, lying charlatan at Silver Lake Smoke Shop buys & sells old stock and then brags about his prices, though it all substandard products that are stale, defective, etc and past their shelf life.I dedicate my time to getting even with crooks like this and WILL make this individual pay dearly for not doing things MY WAY when it is blatantly obvious that he has stolen from me. .

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