Silverbrook Capital Review


This report is about an individual, Jonathan Mark January, who owns an Investment Firm called “Silverbrook Capital” and appears to be a “registered investment adviser”. | On his website he lists various services such as Equity investments, Portfolio management, Asset allocation, etc. | If you are looking to hire the above for a finance professional and thinking about hiring a financial adviser, I would strongly advice to stay clear from this individual for the following reasons: | Back in July of 2018, I had just moved into a new house (my first) with my then girlfriend at the time. | I was not aware that the above listed individual had some sort of prior romantic involvement with my then girlfriend long time before we had met. | In fact, I did not know about this individual until I started noticing missed calls on my girlfriend’s phone from this individual on a regular basis. | This individual also began to contact her via Facebook messenger and continued to try to inject himself into our daily lives via his constant attempts to keep in touch with my then girlfirend. | I did not act upon this matter and was hoping this individual will simply move on at some point but boy was I wrong! | One time I noticied a package in front of my house and it was addressed to my girlfriend. | She rarely received any packages so this was somewhat unusual. | What was even more “unusual” was what was inside. | It turns out that the above listed individual somehow managed to obtain my home address information from my girlfriend. | He then went on Amazon to order a sex toy called “Magic Wand” and then had the audacity to mail said sex toy straight to my house and addressed to my girlfriend. | This guy’s sheer arrogance is something I have rarely ever seen. | Keep in mind that I had never met with nor spoken to this individual ever before, yet I started getting sex toys delivered to my home address | from some “registered investment advisor” out in Henderson, Nevada working for a company called “Silverbrook Capital”. | From there I found out via conversations with my then girlfriend that this individual kept inviting her repeatedly to go on casual sex vacations with him, despite the fact that he was fully aware she was in a relationship. | Again, the arrogance and disresepct towards other people that this guy displays is baffling. | As any other concerned boyfriend, I started to keep an eye on these messages that this individual would send to my then girlfriend. | I will not go into too much detail but let me say that this guy kept sending sexually explicit messages on a regular basis via Facebook messenger (and possibly via texts). | If you are fine with trusting your financial future with such an individual please do so at your own risk. | While he may or may not be a good investment advisor, his lack of respect and sheer arrogance leads me to believe that this individual may have previously engaged in many similar activities and me personally would not want to do any business of any kind with any such individual or company he is associated with. | People of that nature may think they can do and get away with whatever they want and nobody will remember any of that down the line. | One thing is for certain though: His sex toy as well as some of his sexually explicit messages sent to my then girlfriend will forever live on the internet | to warn other people if they ever were to cross paths with this individual. | This individual appears to be a lawyer as well so consequently, these issues have been reported to the State Bar of Nevada’s Office of Bar Counsel in | the form of a complaint with the Ethic’s & Discipline committ | Attached are various images of this individual on Socail Medaia and other places in case you try to avoid them dealing with your finances. | If you are no longer able to connect to these profiles due to them having been deleted or the content was changed drastically, please use the | Web Archive to retrieve a snapshot of these sites to confirm their existence and state they were in. | Picture 1: Facebook jonathan.january.33 | Picture 2: LinkedIn jonathanjanuary | Picture 3: Instagram january7538 | Picture 4: Twitter jmjanuary | Picture 5: sex toy (called “Magic Wand”) sent from Jonathan Mark January | Picture 6: sample messages of Jonathan Mark January to my then girlfriend | Website: | Phone: 702-990-3358 | Work address: 170 S Green Valley Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89012 | Home address (fyi: I refrained from sending sex toys to this address): | Henderson, NV 89074


  • Name: Silverbrook Capital
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Henderson
  • Address: 170 S. Green Valley Parkway, Suite 300
  • Phone: 1-702-990-3358
  • Website:

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