Silverleaf Oak & Spruce- Spirit Incentive cruise: has anyone actually receive the promised vacation? New York New York Review


Silverleaf Resorts offered at Javits expo 2 visacards worth $40 each, $100 gas rebate, free cruise with air travel and additional free stay at any of their choice locations, plus a scratchcard that offers additional award. I paid $20 as consideration for these offers (it’s better than gratis) and headed out to the Berkshires. I read several postings before I attended the presentation, but since I also planned to travel last Holy weekend, my partner and I booked a nice hotel, and decided to have a good time after the 90-minute presentation. We knew it’s going to be a half-day stretch! nAfter checking in at our hotel at Pittsfield at 3pm, we went to the Oak & Spruce- as a Marriott frequent user- I knew this is not the place for me! But I was curious about their other locations since I travel a lot. We waited for an hour, and I demanded from the frontdesk to see a sales associate. I told her I paid a $180-hotel room to listen to their presentation! The front desk offered to waive the meeting and just give us the promised gifts! It was tempting, however, I didn’t travel that far for a few promised gifts that I am not sure if I can really use. Besides I have a few friends at NYC who owns timeshares and are happy about it. In 10 minutes, a sales associate showed up, and she ran a short questionnaire. She figured I will not be interested in their location, so we did not proceed to walk around. Instead, she showed me their premium “red”” categories

no restriction on time

but there is no guarantee of getting the locations I want if I book in less than 2 months. It was a pleasant conversation

she called her Manager who was respectful

and gave me another offer. I declined both

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