Simon Ezzatian Review


Simon Ezzatian is one of the best and honest man. I had the pleasure to work for him for five years. He always took care of his employes and always helped anybody asked for help. Unfortunately one of the employee who wrote this kind of bad the review , she she stole lot of money from him. And all this problem happened only in Persian community. That’s how they are. They use you till last penny you have , then as soon as did find out that you are other of money, they will go against you and the make up stories and become your enemy. I feel sorry for a single mom who was on Simon’s support for 25 years and she had really good life with Simon’s money and now she talk sh….to about home . She even trying to get close and closer to his ex wife just to make sure his ex never contact him. Reason I’m saying this is I was very close to him and I was watching everything that how people are taking advantage from him and using him. I hope one day this people realize and just be honest and tell everybody the truth.

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