Simone Thelemaque – Oakland, California California


Do not trust her. Simone Thelemaque doesn’t tell her STD status until she knows she has you. She claims to be an advocate for the community but she is really doing it for self glorification. I would not recommend her for any job. She is a walking sexual harassment case. She uses her sexuality to influence and control people instead of her brains. In addition she leads people on for free dinners, trips, or whatever financial gains, knowing that she does not want a relationship from them. She will strategically go after your partner by befriending them first because she thinks they are good fit to be her next victim that she can put under her spell. They will fall for her story due to her beauty and empathy over her being single mom and making them think she needs to be saved from all her former partners… that of course they all did something wrong to her. It’s never her fault, especially her last victim. When in reality it’s her that is the problem. She always needs to be saved from someone. So be careful she dates both men and woman. I was told she claims to be poly but wants the benefits of monogamy. She is looking for someone with money that she can easily manipulate. So insecure and/or older men/women fit the profile of people that she preys on. She obviously needs extensive therapy… don’t fall victim to her. I was a indirect victim (partner fell for her) to her messiness so I want to warn others and I will continue to do so until everyone knows about her.

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