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Stay away as much as possible from this company. Do not get duped like we did. Should have looked here long before signing up with them. Thankfully, the credit card has been stopped as it was reported as fraud within a few hours. Here is the short story (to keep it simple) Joined, received access to “Members Only” section. Ran into a lot of questions. Could not find any within the site. Attempted to contact the company using the phone numbers provided on the site as well as the “Contact Us” page. Wouldn’t you know it, the phone numbers were not in service. This was EVERY phone number tried. Needless to say, red flags were now being waived like a flag on the bech during a Hurricane! Imediately contacted the credit card company to report fraud and have the charges removed. All I can say is thankfully PayPal was used and the charges were removed and account cancelled to avoid additional charges. I have also sent a formal letter via USPS Certified, to announce the closure of the account. I’ll update this later if there is even a response. The entire concept stinks and is not exactly as portrayed. Only after you join, you discover it’s not anything like they claim. Here’s the claim: Have access to thousands of Brand Name companies to drop ship items on your behalf. Save up to 65% of retail pricing and generate income via auction sites such as eBay and even your own store. The real deal: Place items on eBay or your own web site with items found to be “partnered” with them. Once you receive payments from customers, go to the retailers web site, place the order and have shipped directly to the customer. A “Cash Back” amount is calculated (Most around 4% to 6%) and a rebate is then received on your Simplx Account. The “rebate” amounts are held for an entire month before they are released as payment to you. Rebates are sent at the end of every month for the previous month received. They hold your money for an entire month! Looking at previous posts here, it seems that they may not even send those checks out to you!

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