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Complaint: Simply Stone said they would install my own granite in my kitchen. Ryan Frey sent his worker to do the job he killed my lawn by cutting the granite on the grass instead of in the driveway cut the granite inside my house instead of outside covering my entire home and Granite just cracked the Granite when installing it and then lied to me and said it was just some glue it was not .Cut the opening for the stove the wrong size so the stove would not fit into the opening. the contractor told him to cut Damage a log support in the kitchen by scratching it and dropping the slab granite on it. Left with a clear layer of sealant and glue stuck all over the countertop when he left and did not stay to clean up. When I contacted Ryan he told me he would not have his work or come back to finish the job or to fix the opening of the stove unless I paid him in cash in full before the job was completed. when I refused he simply dropped out of sight. When I requested his address in order to send him an adjusted amount for the bill he ignored me and wanted to come by physically to my house to collect a check .I refused and told him I would deal with him by correspondence only. He then threatened to sue me and lean my house for a job he never even completed and refused to allow me to pay him and adjusted amount as I had to hire another installer to cut the hole so that my stove would fit into my countertop and clean up the mass his installer left. My general contractor and the other granite person who came by told me that my job was done by a “”” hack and not pay the amount owed because he refused to finish the job. Avoid this horrible bully at any cost. I am so sorry I got involved with him. I did an extensive remodel of my new house and I have not had any trouble with any vendors until now !”

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Address: Reno, Nevada United States

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Phone: 7753242727

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