Sisbro/Sharkey Transportation Illinois


Complaint: You can not win at another man’s game and this game was won by Sisbro. Congratulations to you guy’s over there in Quincy ! You did an outstanding job of damaging my career. I will take responsibility for my mistakes, yes, I had a load shift on me, which didn’t amount to a hill of beans, and yes, I had a security gaurd close a fence on my trailer and bent the gate, and ran out and apologized for not paying attention to his monitor. Glenn Meyers and all of you guys in there are good at what you do, probably the best in the buisness from what I have seen in my career. You are seasoned at at taking any given situation and feeding on it to another man’s HURT. Your report to DAC has prevented me from being hired by other companies by listing the incidents as “preventable””. Today

Tags: Employers

Address: 2/6/14

Website: and I ask him if he would remove the negative DAC reports because employers were turning me down because of this. Glenn Meyers was not willing to do so and talked to me as if he was a prosecuting attorney. I am not just some mad dirt bag out for revenge by posting this report on this fine web site.This is my livelyhood. If I mess up

Phone: I spoke to Glenn Meyers

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