Six Flags Magic Mountain Review


So we purchased a season pass not the first time we had passes either – in August 2014 – we had many emails stating to join the food pass- so we decided it might pay off so Feb 2015 after a very difficult sign up with a misinformation given to us at the park (now we are being told July 2015) that this would be in conjunction to our season pass- that it would be tacked on to or auto billing with our season pass. So we cancelled our membership as we no longer live in California- 2200 miles away so the need to have the passes make no sense! They told me I could not cancel until xxx date and on top of that I still have one payment to be completed and still have to pay! We had this program in the past so we were unaware of the changes and never had an issue- especially since we still lived in California and were able to enter the park! We moved and now they are telling us we cannot cancel the food membership! I can’t enter the park as I do not live there and secondary I no longer have a membership as it is cancelled- but have to continue to pay for the food pass???? What crooks and money hungr thieves? I don’t even live in the state!!!!! We were given wrong information by 2 employees we have not been to the park in 4-5months and will not be in California and still have to pay for a food pass! And physical pass which is to the tune off a 100 dollars a month literally flushed down the toilet as we cannot go to the park! So I have payed over $500 this year and am unable to enter the park!!! And still have to pay!!!! Buyers be aware they just want your money and do not care about you not being able to enter the park – but still pay for food????? And if you have hardship they don’t care! I am a mother of children and cannot afford this – good job corporate! I was under the impression this was for the duration of my membership- not the case – so I still have to pay even though I don’t have a membership and we simply can not afford it – especially since I am no longer in California- goodness gracious magic after all the years I have given you my money to wait in linessss that are long and miserable I have had season passes with you before never cancelled- but you refuse to let the food pass go – i looked up and see you are being sued in a few different ways serves you right! Crooks to your employees and now patrons I will du my due diligence to make sure people don’t get trapped and are aware of your ways! I will never enter you parks again I will never suggest to my friends like I have done many times for you and gained customers for you! I will make sure everyone I know lets everyone else know what type of peoe you are! .

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