SKIN HD Review


I answered the ad for 2 different types of facial cream. I was to only pay shipping and handling, which was all I was charged the first time. Spector Marketing called me trying to sell me other things. I had to be forceful with them and tell them I didn’t want anything else. I did not re-order either the Nulexa Anti Aging cream or the SkinHD cream. I received both in the mail and my credit card was charged for both. I called Spector Marketing Inc. and told them to cancel this. I told them I would keep the shipment I had received but not to send anything further. They were difficult to deal with but they did cancel the order. I assumed it was for both creams. Today, I received another shipment of the Skin HD. This shipment cam from Santa Ana. I can find no address or phone for whatever company is marketing this stuff. My credit card is being charged. This was a scam.

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