SKINTRIUM / FAIR & FLAWLESS Antioch Tennessee Review


Skintrium aka Fair & Flawless is a COMPLETE RIPOFF! While some of their products work, itu2019s not worth the trouble. Their so-called 24 hour customer service is a nonexistent LIE and a JOKE! Lol! Thereu2019s literally no customer service! You are NEVER allowed to speak with anyone, EVER! Forget about any questions or concerns you may have. They never answer the phone or call you back. They also IGNORE EMAILS! The products are fair at best, while their prices are astronomical! I’m talking upwards of $5,000.00 for a 4oz gar of face cream! You’d think a company charging thousands of dollars for face cream would at least have decent products and professional customer service. They donu2019t; theyu2019re strictly in business to make money, period. Do NOT DO BUSINESS with this scammer company! Don’t let their fancy websites fool you! This online skincare company is a SHAM! -Eissa

163 Voice Rd. Carle Place, New York USA


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