Skyway Towing and Recovery Review


My scooter was towed from a friend’s parking lot. I contact the police because I think it’s stolen and they inform me that it was towed by Skyway Towing & Recovery. I take an uber into a creepy alley and ask the driver to wait. A mad comes out and demands I pay him $150 and I have to hand it to him through the fence. That’s when I called the police again and told them how odd I felt that was to hand someone money through a fence in a dark alley. The police come and the uber driver leaves. I’m also recording everything on my phone bc the attendant was outrageously hostile and rude to me. The police talk to him and his attitude changes immediately he lets me come into the building and now all of the sudden it’s only $121 and he writes me a receipt. I’m glad I called the police because obviously the guy was trying to rip me off…not to mention my bike should haver never been towed in the first place! It was hidden under a bunch of scrap metal which leads me to belive my bike was going to be parted out our disappear entirely!


  • Name: Skyway Towing and Recovery
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Saint Petersburg
  • Address: 2263 6th Ave S
  • Phone: 727-894-1199
  • Website:

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