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A friend of mine posted this new “extraordinary” method to make eyebrows look normal again. Of course this is intend for people who have few or any eyebrows. | Since I was looking to change careers I thought this was my opportunity to do what I like and be my own employer. | I made all the research, got a hold of the person in England and she forwarded my application to the then trainer in Austin, Tx. | In the company’s website they said that the product lasts up to 4 weeks following the after care instructions. | It is important to mention that I live in Mexico City. | I traveled in June of 2015 to Austin to a 3 day training course. The cost of that course was of $1,700.00 US Dlls material included, plus the airfare and lodging. | After the 3 day course, everything seemed so far so good. I returend to Mexico City and started practicing and sending the photographs to the trainer in order to get my certification. | Such certification oversees: | “The training will cover several acknowledged eyebrow grooming steps such as tinting, threading, tweezing and creating perfect eyebrow shape alongside completely new concepts of brow building and sculpting, to improve and emphasize desired brows. This involves an intricate procedure of adding natural-like hair to clients’ existing brows to create fullness and more definition. For those less fortunate who have no brows at all or whose eyebrows are missing in places we have developed a unique sculpting technique that can be used directly on the skin to imitate hair strokes. | The treatment will benefit those who already have naturally good eyebrows but would like to work on fulness and definition as well as those who need a complete reconstruction due to partial or total brow loss.” | After practicing with 20 or more people I received my certification. | I was charging what the company suggested: Brow building and sculpting, up to 80 dlls, sculpting 65 dlls depending on the amount of strokes. | I provided them with the instruction for the aftercare cards. My clients were extatic with the results until… | I started noticing that any of such clients called me back, so I started to make some investigation and they told me that even following all the aftercare instructions, it did not last as long as I said. | The company has a private and closed group in facebook, so I started noticing that some other technicians were complaining about the longevity of the product and that some of their clients got allergies and some other developed other issues. The fact was that I was not the only one dealing with the product. | I got in contact with those who were complaining and even one of them tried to place a legal action. The attorney told her that we were not enough technicians to place that suit. | I determined that they used us as their R&D department to be their ginea pigs instead of doing the trials in their homeland (Poland, Russia and England) and afterwards, once the product has been proved then go internationally and not otherwise. | Me and a few others are very upset due the expense and the ripoff. | Today I found your webpage and I thought that if we could not to anything against this company, why can’t I report the ripoff? | Thanks,


  • Name: Sleek Brows
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • State: England
  • City: London
  • Address: 12 Chillingworth Rd
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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