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Complaint: So unfortunately i stumbled upon this hotel because I heard from a friend that they were hiring for a desk clerk, and was surprised to have an on the spot interview. I guess that they were very desperate for an employee because the interviewer Amy Toor told me if I was ready to begin working right away, that same day, and I responded no. Anyway, I had 2 days of training the following days, which did not cover very much. BUT by the third day, they had me managing the hotel on my own. I was completely lost at times, but I learned to get the hang of it. I had some of our guests calling me to plunge their toilets and various complaints about shower doors not working and wanting to switch rooms throughout my working at this hotel. In addition, my second week I got a customer who wanted a king size bed, and I went through the checking in procedure like normal, and he left because he had a business meeting. About an hour later he came back and told me he didnt want the room after all, I called Amy to ask her how to make a refund but there was no answer on her cellphone. So I went in to double check the room to see if he had gone in there and used anything, but everything was normal and still clean so I gave him a full refund for 58.49. Later that night when Amy and her husband returned she was angry and yelled at me because I refunded the guest his money. I told her I called her but she wasn’t having it so she made me write on a paper that she could take that from my paycheck and sign it at the bottom. A few days later I decided I was going back to California to resume my college ed. and told her and she was very angry at me. I told her a week before i quit and then I was planning on leaving on saturday but she forced me to work on Sat. and Sun. or she would give me a very bad recommendation and would not pay me (Which she still has not done). I filed a complaint with the labor dept. of Colorado and they sent me papers that the owners said I took a cash advance for my entire paycheck with the paper I signed about the 58.49, but she added a “7”” in front of the 58.49 making the amount way higher. I am not sure if I am the first but I suggest to keep an eye out for these people.”

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Address: 9257 East Costilla Avenue, Greenwood Village, CO 8 Greenwood Village, Colorado United States of America


Phone: (303) 662-9950

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