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I ordered 4 Steepgram pillows ($160.49) on August 25th, 2017 via Internet Site. My credit card was debited on August 26, 2017. I did not receive the pillows. I called their Customer Service on September 4th, 2017 to inquire the status. | I was first told the pillows were back ordered but they could not give a ship date. I then said to cancel the order. When the rep heard I wanted to cancel the order she kept giving me a non-ending sales pitch. I kept saying over and over again to cancel the order. She kept talking over me & would not listen to my request. I wanted to cancel before shipment. She said they would ship and for me to try the pillows and if I wanted to return I could. I told her AGAIN to cancel the order. I told her if they were shipped I would have to pay for shipping to return. STILL she would not listen. She then asked me WHY I wanted to cancel the order. I told her due to unindented medical costs, from a cancer diagonises, I was unable to have the funds. She continued pushing the sales pitch. I was so frustated I asked her when they would ship. She said they have shipped. I REPEATED over and over, since they have shipped when will I receive the pillows. She said they are in process and have been sent to fullfilment. I said you told me they were shipped. She kept saying over and over that the pillows were shipped and could not give me a date of shipment or when I would receive them. I kept pressing to no avail. I asked her for her badge number and she hung up on me. The phone call last 25 minutes. I called back today, September 5th, 2017. Again I got the run around. I was told the pillows had shipped? I asked when I would receive and got the same nasty attitude. She did not know when I would receive them and told me if I wanted to know call UPS; they were customer service NOT SHIPPING. I have never been treated SO HATEFULLY. I thougt I was the customer. NOT WITH THIS COMPANY. So, here I sit waiting for pillows only to return and not knowing when I will receive and still mounting interest on my credit card. UNBELIVABLE……


  • Name: Sleepgram
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Address:
  • Phone: 877 257 5337
  • Website:

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