Sleepys Firm Mattress Enola Pennsylvania Review


2-time Lumpy, Saggy, BumpyMattress. We bought a mattress in July 2014 about 2 months later it developed little mountains all over it. I left it go for a few more months and then contacted Sleepys about my displeasure. They had me contact corporate customer service which I did. They sent me a letter with instructions and antiquated measuring devices to determine how bad the mattress was, then I had to send pictures. They gave me store credit for my mattress. We returned and spent additional money to upgrade so we may avoid the same issue. Here we are again for the past 6 mos we are experiencing the little mountains, small bumps all over the mattress that you feel through the sheets, and it is not comfortable to sleep on in this condition. Lemoyne Sleeper had quality mattress, we still have two of those in great shape. Unfortunately they are no longer in business. So I guess I have to contact this company again to see how they want to rectify the problem. I’m disgusted, frustrated, annoyed, and don’t really want to try s 3rd time with this company.

6416 Carlisle Pike Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania USA


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