Sleepys – Sleepy’s Mattress Professionals Broad Run Virginia Review


My major concern was getting a soft comfortable mattress. I can’t sleep on a hard bed. I toss and turn in misery all night long. On vacations, I have had to sleep on things like pool floats and the cushion from chaise lounges because I could not tolerate the mattresses. I made this very clear to the salesman, this was my priority. The salesman, Jeff, pushed me away from the more reasonably priced mattresses to the expensive ones that have the different “color”” choices of hardness. Here they call it “”Sleep to Live”” mattress

it looks like the call it something else other places

as I see at least one other person has pretty much the same complaint. He got a red/red bed

the hardest of all. Anyway

it was just like buying a used car – “”I’ll throw in this

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