Slim Help/Healthy you Review


I curiously clicked on this because I had purchased similar product called forskolin at local pharmacy, the advertisement started out talking about the sharks tv show and how they sponsored this product, I clicked to receive a free* sample just pay shipping, I did and then an ad popped up about a colon cleanse product which I did not want but it wouldn’t continue without this so I ended up paying a 4.99 shipping fee and a 2.99 shipping fee, the web site knocked me off and then 2 weeks later I have a Debit on my account for 79.99 and one for 69.99 and I ended up going to bank to sign a paper and had to cancel my debit card..I have tried and the bank tried to call the "24" hour customer support line which rings about 7 times then hangs up, no answer at all, no voice mail, nothing

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