Slomins Oil Wharton Review


On September 4 a slomin’s sales man showed up on my front door, his sales pitch was that slomin’s had lowest heating oil prices, witch compared to my old heating oil company they were infarct lower, the low price was guaranteed if we singed a one year contract, the first question i had was if they had a minimum gallon delivery he said yes and that it was 160 gallons, i also told him i did not want automatic delivery and explained that we were very careful with the heating oil and tried not to use to much,he explained that i if did not need a delivery i could cancel it by going on there website, i agreed to only the 160 gallon d minimum delivery and that i would Persephone delivery if i felt it was not needed, my wife singed what looked like an iPad, he said that his boss would drop of the contract later since he did not no were he was. the contract dropped of while i was not home,i never bothered to read the contract if i had i would had canceled it immediately. on October 6 i came home to find two heating oil recites, Salomi’s had made what looked like two separate delivery’s the first was for 275 gallons and was delivered at 7:29 am. the second one was for 168.50 gallons and and was delivered at 7:44am and were made by the same truck. i almost went into shock i now owed slomin’s $1529.48 , i immediately called slomin’s customer service to complain i told them that i had agreed to only the minimum gallon requirement, customer service replide that they had not received the delivery tickets from the driver but that she would investigate and would get back to me as soon as possible, i called the following day and spoke to another person and basically got the same answer on Monday October 10 i called again and spoke to a supervisor, i briefly explained that this was not what i had agreed to and asked why two delivery’s were made, he admitted that they had screwed up but that nothing could could be done, i told him that i wanted the oil pumped out but he refused. to witch i replied why should i have to pay for his drivers mistake and that to me this was a breach of our original agreement to witch he replied ” fine take me to court.”

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