Smart Puppy Shop Review


Was online looking to purchase a pup. Came across smart puppy shop. Found a pup I liked corresponded with them through email asked plenty of questions. Once I decided to send the money for the pup I didnít get a good vibe because after I sent the money I was emailing about tracking info I didnít get a response until I got rather nasty in what I was saying. Finally I got a response saying the puppy was shipped to the airport and was about to be boarded on a flight to my address. I received flight info on the pup. I was excited. Until I received another email from the company that was supposed to ship the pup stating that I had to pay $950 for insurance for the pup to be shipped. Now I was told that shipping was free by smart puppy shop and never once did they inform me that there would be a fee or insurance fee to transport the pup. So when I told them that the shipping company wanted $950 they tried to act like they didnít know what I was talking about then I sent them the email I received and a few minutes later I was told to proceed with paying the $950. I told them I wasnít paying it and to refund me my money and I was told that while the pup was in shipping the money couldnít be refunded. And I ask how was the pup in shipping when it was sitting at some shipping facility. I told them they needed to go pick the pup up and refund me my money. I never got a response and when I tried calling the shipping company all I ever got was a busy signal and when I called the number listed for smart puppy shop the phone just always rung every time I called. Iíve been emailing and calling since it happened and Iíve received 5e same results. NOTHING. NO PUP OR REFUND


  • Name: Smart Puppy Shop
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arkansas
  • City: Little Rock
  • Address: 608 Coolidge St
  • Phone: 870-501-5722
  • Website:

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