Smithtown Nissan Huntinton Station New York


Complaint: The past six months has been horrible experiences one after another in trying to clean up the mess that Smithtown Nissan has caused me. I had just gotten into a car accident and my previous car was totalled, so naturally, I needed to look for a new car. I have always been a proponent of Nissan cars for their style and driving experience. This is why I sought to buy another nissan altima after my previous one was totalled. Yet, it was an unfortunate mistake to trust the employees at Smithtown Nissan in buying my new car. For insurance savings, I have been under my father’s policy, and the previous car was purchased and registered to his name. To continue this savings as I was not currently financially independent enough to purchase my own insurance, I wanted to purchase this car under my father name. This is exactly what I told the sales representative “BQ”” from Smithtown Nissan when I walked in. Before I continue

Tags: Auto Dealers

Address: I would like to mention that the reason why I selected Smithtown Nissan was because of a special that they were having for that weekend

Website: my father was not available that day to sign the papers

Phone: $16

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