Smoke Shop Smyrna Georgia Review


Horrible customer service !!! Won’t ever go back.Very nasty and unfair.Overchared me by 60 dollars & wouldn’t give me my money back.My son dropped an idem that cost lest then 15 dollars,which was replaceable .I offered to pay the 15 dollars for the broken item,but he refused and made me pay for the whole product which was 60 dollars.He said my son could go look behind the counter(which he had no intentions on doing until he was offered by the saleman to do so) and that is when a small piece of glass worth 15 dollars fell and broke.My son should not have been invited to go behind the counter in the 1st place,esspecially since he was under age.. The saleman was extremly very Nasty,confrontatioal & unprofessional still refusing to let me pay the 15 dollars!! He wanted the 60 dollars that I could not afford,since I am on low income. .The staff here needs to be trained on how to treat customers.Although I remained calm my blood pressure was so high when we left.I was so upset after having to spend more money then I was even willing to spend in the 1st place.He was very nasty to me.Refused to tell me his name.He told me to contact the owner & go ahead and complain if I want.So that is what I am doing..

2585 Spring Rd SE Ste B Smyrna, GA Smyrna Ga., Georgia United States

1 770 989 1223

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