Sneaker Guy Khaled Tajzai fall river Massachusetts Review


on december 12 i placed an order for:n 1 x Air Jordan Retro IV “420””n – Size: 11 $59.99 n1 x Air Jordan Retro XI (11) “”3″”n – Size: 11 $59.99 ntotaling 149.98 non december 14 i placed an order for:n1 x Air Jordan Retro V “”504″”n – Size: 11 ntotaling 74.99 nby february i still had not received the sneakers (my money orders were cashed)so i reported the company. after making the complant and numberous failed attempts to contact him he finaly made contact via instant messanger (KoolaidKickZ10)asking me why i reported him. i explained the situation and he apoligized. he told me to make a new order with all the sneakers and that he would have them shipped out ASAP. non february 15 i placed the order for (this was supposed to cancell out the other order):n1 x Air Jordan Retro IV “”420″”n – Size: 11 $59.99 n2 x Air Jordan Retro XI (11) “”3″”n – Size: 11 $119.98 n1 x Air Jordan Retro V “”504″”n – Size: 11 ntotaling 299.96 non 02/26/06 2 of the 4 sneakers were shipped (due to “”out of stock””) i received the 2 sneakers then tried to contact sneaker guy in regards to the other 2. once again i had no response untill 04/26/2006. he promised to send me 2 new sneakers immidiatly. STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING!!!!! it is now 08/15/2006 and i HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING!!!!! i haved tried to make contact MANY MANY TIMES thru different emails WITH NO RESPONSE.naround july 19 i made contact thru his instant messanger screen name again …he apoligized again and told me i would get a refund THEN HE SIGNED OFF WITH OUT GETTING MY INFORMATION!!!!! nTHIS GUY IS A RIP OFF!!! he screwed me oveer soo many times but everytime he apoligized i forgave him!!! now it has been too long and i want MY MONEY!!! nFelicianfall river


P.O Box 9080 Silver Spring, Maryland U.S.A.

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