Snider Transmission Review


I took my 99 jeep wrangler to snider transmission in Texas city and was told I needed a 1600 dollar repair. I informed the manager that I couldn’t afford 1600 all at once as I had just bought a house for my family, and he was no real help. After hearing that I thought I would have to sell my car for scrap he offered to buy it for 500 dollars. Later others I know said the same company had let them pay on repairs in installments, but why didn’t he make the same offer to me? I had 1000 to put down on the repair but he never even brought it up as an option. I feel as though this company takes advantage if people that are in bad situations to get what they want. He even knew I have an infant daughter that I was trying to provide for. I will NEVER do business with this company again, nor will I EVER recommend them to ANYONE. They all seem like pretty cruddy folks. Take your car and money elsewhere. .

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