Soap Supplies Shop Review


In the middle of March this business reached out to me. She gave me her website info and I got to searching. I didn’t really pay attention to prices on the individual items I was interested in because she told me she would quote me a price. After I told her the items I was wanting, she gave me prices. I felt they were a bit high, but she said I could have an 18% discount, so I agreed.She invoiced me for the amount she quoted me on the 1st. Instead of the 18% she said she’d give me, she gave me 15%, and for the total amount I was quoted, 3% was a big deal. I messaged her to let her know, in case it was a mistake. She gave me a hard time about it and I had to pushed for it for a while before she changed it.Then the time came for shipments to start coming in. 2 of the items arrived from 2 separate supply companies. The first one came and I ended having WAY too much, which is my fault. The second one came in and I realized that I didn’t have enough, also my fault. I decided that instead of going through this lady again, I’d just order directly from the source. Going onto their website to order more, I was in shock! The original price of the item she bought and had shipped to me was 2x less than what she charged me for. I would understand if it was a wholesale company, but this company that had the original item is a well-known, same price for anyone, soap supply company. I decided to go to the other company that shipped the first item to check out the prices on there, again, not a wholesale price…..more than double that I was charged, simply to go through this lady, and all she did was order it and have it shipped to me. I am not talking dollars and cents….im talking over a $100 or more I was charged to pay a middle man that gets items for the same price anyone can get. These prices that she charged me, were also the same on her website. I understand she has to make a living, but to charge double or more than the cost a customer would get from the original company is not right.This business buys items from companies, takes their labels off, put her own labels on, and sells then for 2x or more than the original price of the item.

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