Sobolsoft Newport Beach California


Complaint: Sobolsoft, a company that states they have around 1,500 software applications for sale via their website is selling a copy of our own Medical Records software, myMedirecs, as their own rebranded product calling it Patient Medical Record and History Software. The look, feel, icons, functions and features are all the same. They have taken our product that we developed from scratch and programmed from the ground up, at significant cost and effort, and have simply now called it theirs and apparently have been selling it on their site for years. In addition they have listed the product on many download sites such as etc. It also would appear based on our research that they have sold well in excess of 10,000 units – estimated US$ 490,000 worth, of our product they have stolen. How many of their 1,500 products they sell are in a similar situation. No one company can develop 1,500 applications all being theirs. This is a clear breach of a number of Copyright Laws both local and international. It is steeling.

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