Social Butterphly Review


They offer Private Investment Products, Services and opportunities, that DO NOT WORK!! DO NOT BE FOOLED!! They were brokering an investment opportunity last August which I got into for $10K, with a group of other investors. It was supposed to pay out in a couple months from then, it did not work out despite their many excuses and false promises, they then deviously claimed that they will return our money after it was obvious that this was a scam they had pulled! That was November last year, when the said that and they kept giving us dates and time lines which they did not and would not fulfill even until now. I reported them to the BBB and they claimed that they have not done any business with me and don’t know who I am despite getting numerous emails from them an sending money directly to them through their atty escrow acct. On the BBB report that claimed not to know me and had no business with me but yet claimed they’ll return my money by a date they didn’t specify. Can’t even get their lies right!! DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE FOOLS, THEY FIT THE STEREOTYPE! Don’t be fooled by their so called experieNce and previous expertise listed on their website, these are THIEVES AND SCAMMERS through and through, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! Philip St. Paul, Minnesota


  • Name: Social Butterphly
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Beverly Hills
  • Address: 9903 Santa Monica Blvd. Unit 15
  • Phone: 310-773-0741
  • Website:

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