Sodahead Complaint


A diatribe of the deranged, Sodahead is the default home of left-wing bias and propaganda. The unoriginal hack spewed forth by its leftist users goes unchallenged as any user not in lock step with their screed will find themselves censored or banned. It is nothing but unintelligent vitriol and regurgitated talking points for elitists. The socialist rhetoric is matched only by their sheer level of socio-political ###ation. Bat guano shows a higher level of cognitive functioning than the moderators at Sodahead. A quick Google search for Sodahead bias will show just why this site barely achieves one star. The chipmunk on my porch is more entertaining and far less insulting than the mindless drones that frequent Sodahead. If you are an unthinking follower looking for a queen then this is your hive but for everyone else, it is a site to be scorned and mocked for being so deliberately embarrassing to such a degree that a walrus would be more fun and challenging to debate. In the end, this site proves that liberals make great pets but lousy site designers.

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