Sokoveti Ceinaturag – Sacramento, California California


Ladies be careful of this whore…do no makeup friends with her cuz she is smart in making friends and she will be sleeping with your man like she did with a few girls in FIJI before she moved to the states and when she came for holidays she slept with my friends husband who she calls Aunty and uncle.. she still calls and messages my friends husband and they have been having family problems… she was caught several times on Viber but still she got the guts to call her husband… she loves to go after taken men and that has been her game… she is so desperate!!can someone look for a single man for her… she hasn’t no figure at all and she has big boob’s and she has black patches on her thighs upto her private part!!!She is wearing my friends husband’s T-shirt which was his friend’s gift from Australia!!LADIES BE CAREFUL OF THIS FAT UGLY BITCH!

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