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Complaint: The property owner hired barbara and her husband to manage the property which we stayed in for a holiday in cannes. solemar property management company The first time we met barbara at the meeting point to take us to our holiday rental, she guilted us about being 15 minutes late. sighting that the petrol was very costly, and that us, her clients were wasting her time. we apologized repeatedly. she demanded that we give her 50 euros to cover her “wasted time “”This being our first trip to france we didnt know that she was scamming us. we gave her the money

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Address: dispite that the propery owner pays her 100s of euros a month to manage the property and arranging to meet us was part of her job. we called the owner and he told us he was very embarrassed and that she should not have scammed us for cash. Very unprofessional her vehicle was filthy and small

Website: our laptops and more than 1500 euros in cash were stolen and my daughter’s wedding ring. she refused to help us. refused to advise us. a few days later we were at the beach we came back to find HER in our rental alone

Phone: she has poor presentation and reeks of a chain smoker and so does her vehicle. rubbish everywhere she has the appearance of being someone untrustworthy and unhygenic. she is blunt

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