Solomon Group Real Estate Austin Texas Review


I emailed Solomon Group as I wanted to buy my son a property for his University Graduation Girft. I was contacted by Mr. Baltazar Regalado who is a Financial Advisor at Solomon Group Real Estate. He asked me to give a deposit and a copy of our families Id’s to file the paperwork under all of our names for the property purchase. He asked me to wire the money to his personal account and this way he said we wouldn’t have to pay taxes on top of that. When I suspected that he was doing fraud I contacted the solomon group, and people said they knew him but after we told them what happened they all said they didnt know anything about him and denied any relationship with him and of his existance in the company. There is proof he is a financial advisor in the group but now everybody denies his existance and we just want to make sure our Id’s are not being stolen. We strongly suggest to avoid the services of Solomon Group at any cost as you could avoid deep troubles and dealing with authorities and scares of being robbed of your identity.

801 Southwest Pkwy Bldg 1, Suite 100 Austin, Texas United States of America


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