Solutions Recovery Center Greenville South Carolina


Complaint: Solutions Recovery Center is anything but a recovery center. Halfway house is far too generous a term. Temporary housing is the most apt term to describe this place and “housing”” is being generous. I lived in this hell hole for nearly eight months and it was the lowest point of my life. Upon arrival

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Address: I was withdrawn from medication and suffered seizures as a result and was denied transportation to any medical aid. I was not and never have been addicted to any drug. I took my medication as prescribed

Website: a man was thrown from his bed early in the morning and then subsequently threatened and beaten by a staff member in a steroid-fueled rage because he had a completely appropriate conversation with the directoru2019s girlfriend which I witnessed. In yet another incident

Phone: but my life fell apart because I suffered from undiagnosed Bipolar Syndrome 1 and Panic Disorder and was going through a divorce and so I fell prey to this scam and the criminals that operate it. There is no transportation provided to anywhere but meetings and the minimum wage factory jobs they force “”clients”” to take and the property is miles from any grocery stores. Theft and the sale of drugs are rampant on the property and I was told by several people that the “”Directors”” used illegal steroids. I know this because the son of their steroid dealer was also a client and he confided this information to me. He was allowed special privileges because of his knowledge of this activity. Physical violence from staff towards “”clients”” is a common occurrence and they routinely brandish firearms and make physical threats towards their u201cclients.u201d From the moment I walked in it was apparent that violence was a part of the Ciriaco brothers’ idea of recovery. The man that was being admitted with me had to agree that if he relapsed the directors would “”beat his a*s””

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