Sonia Garcia aka “Delatore” California California


Although this story goes way back I felt I had to share and warn other women out there. This homewrwkers name is Sonia Garcia. Aka Delatore”. This woman had what any normal person would call an obsession. From day one when my now ex husband and I were dating 1998 would follow me and try to convince me to leave him, she would try to get Jobs were I worked and so on. The first year of our marriage I was pregnant with our first son she started a rumor with her husband that she was having an affair with my husband. We confronted her about it and she denied it. At that time the thought of her was excruciating to my husband. Years went by and her stalker self would find a way to pop in our business as if she was assuring she never lost contact to where we were. || In 2007 I became pregnant with our third child and here she came again, making sure she showed up at every place we were and where my husband was. Well making things short the affair began. I would notice him putting his phone on silent, walking out when he got a call, never putting his phone down, locking the garage after walking in as if he had something to hide. As every wife in denial I knew something was wrong but ignored it. Until people started to tell me that they would see them in glamis desert together. Yes a desert lol. I confronted him and he denied it stating he would never mess with her. She was known to get around. The rumors continued and I asked her she denied it and would say she would never do that to a family. At my 8th month pregnant she unannounced came to my house demanding he told me of their affair and told me that he promised to marry her and that she was pregnant. It destroyed me. The sickest is that she had the nerve to tell my boys she was”daddy’s girlfriend”. At that moment I knew I couldn’t take this he admitted to it and told me he made a mistake, he asked her to leave and never come back. || Well in February 2008 I had my little girl a week after delivering here she came again. Demanding him to be with her or she would have an abortion, he then told her off and told her to go ahead. Although he would tell me he was done and beg me not to leave, I knew something was still going on the secrets continued. One day my 3 year old told me they had gone to visit daddy’s girlfriend. I was furious, once again she came to my house and well at that point he was far gone, he walked away telling me in front of my kids he no longer wanted to be part of our family. The next morning he returned with his Pitiful story that he was forced to say it and was making her get a paternity test on this baby she claimed to be expecting. || I was done I left and got my own place you would think their drama would end but it didn’t. He and she would constantly stalk me and my kids, slash my tires and well you name it. I finally caught the them on camera and was able to get a restraining order on him. Well she kept it up and one day showed up to try to pick my son up from practice claiming she was his mom. That immediately took me back to court and was granted a restraining order on her as well. They are two of a kind although it took me long to realize it I am happier now than I ever was. Their drama continues (they are now married) once in awhile, especially with him, but well that’s what happens to an unhappy bitter person. || Those of you fresh to this let me say Karma it does go around he lost everything he worked so hard for job, family, material things that meant so much to him, most of all the trust of his kids. Although at one point I would have said I hated them really now I feel bad for them, they will never know what true love is, what happiness is, what family is. So stand strong ladies and never give up on yourselves or your kids. Show your kids that no matter how difficult life gets you can overcome all obstacles. There is so much to say Iím between the lines I used to say if I could I would make a life time movie out of this drama lol maybe one day lol. Good luck to all of you going through this and God Bless. Just know you are only given what you can handle and that means you are one strong women. You go girls and stand strong!!!

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