Sonny’s BBQ Complaint


Awful service at this location…Have been here many times with good service–this time it was a nightmare. I was in a rush to get somewhere..First had to wait like 10 minutes in line. When it was my turn, the girl had got my order wrong and rung me up for osmething else. I explained to her that she”s charging me wrong. She was smirking and being kind of snide and rude…Bad attitude… I was already upset at the way she was acting and how long it had taken. I explained to her she charged me for the wrong item. She disagreed..And said that she had been working there 6 months…And i said i ordered that thing…Many many times..And knew the price…She rung the wrong thing up in the computer again…I told her it can”t be right…I asked if i can talk toa manager– she made me repeat myself several times…She kept saying she couldn”t hear me..This was getting tiring. I then waited for her to get the manager– 5-7 minutes later, she comes back claiming…That they have one price for everything and that some ones are cheaper…And i explained to her again that i ordered a kid”s turkey sandwich and it was one price…Again she disagreed.. I finally said to her can u please just give me my food, …I”ll pay…But i have to go im in a rush–again she took forever…Made me repeat myself…She was acting like a total rude person plus a liar…By this time several of the incompetent low life females that worked there were standing by the register acting as if there was a show going on and they had to watch…I told the girl again..Can u please just give me my food??? She again kept asking me to repeat myself…Being rude…I was so frustrated..Finally i got my food after waiting and waiting…Then i tried calling the manager– and it was a nightmare to get the number..When i finally got it, he ended up being an incompetent fool, who began saying he went to go look at a menu to get the prices (The manager or workers dont know the basic prices of kids meals)?? Then he kept saying “well im not trying to stick up for her–but)…Excuse me? Your employee is overcharging customers, lying to them and u dont seem to care? He was very stupid…Not really rude but rude in the sense that any manager should have apologized, offered a meal comp for the hassle and let the customer go– i was in a rush to a place i had to get to and having to deal with the incompetence of the sonny”s bad staff…Who are lying and then defending bad employees. This “manager” kept me ont he phone a good 10 minutes…Saying that i needed to talk to the “general manager” (Huh)? A small purchase for a minor kid”s meal has become now a huge problem stress factor and inconvenience…With bad employees overcharging people, lying to them making up false prices…Being rude…Then the manager did nothing..I explained to the manager that he should have just comped the meal and talked to the girl or girls who were being rude…And this isn”t good customer service…And its that simple..Why he”s going through menus and even justifying the girl”s horrible attitude was confusing..He seemed like he was very incompetent and stupid…I finally told him ive had to spend 20 minutes or more on this and i need to get off the phone..Again he didnt” care…And was keeping me on the phone longer…I finally hung up…What kind of service is this?? Sonny”s is “supposed” to have good hospitable service, not this mess of a nightmare…Ive never had an experience like that at sonny”s before, but that place needs some serious customer service adjustments…The staff is terrible incompetent and the women that work there are terrible…What a terrible place and experience… Dont expect good service from there, expect to be bullied, treated badly, overcharged, lied to and then not comped for all the hell you had to go through over a kid”s meal?

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