Sonya Novick – El Dorado, Arkansas Arkansas


This is Sonya Novick. She began working at the same place my husband works back in April. A few months ago my husband began deleting her texts. I find out that she started flirting with him in messages. He promised to stop, but he didnt. Pretty soon the texts turned into long phone calls and them spending more time together. She is a lot younger than him and who wouldn’t be turned on if some young woman was showing them attention. I asked her to stop. I asked her how she would she feel having this done to her. I found out a few days ago that this is what happened to her. Her boyfriend and father of her youngest child cheated on her. She took a saying from Facebook and posted it with the comment: Ppl that do this need to grow up! U don’t want ur man cheating on u but when u know that ur sleeping with someone u know is taken that just makes u a whore!!!!    So in her own words she calling herself a whore. I know my husband is just as much to blame as she is. I know he wouldn’t have even gone there if she hadn’t started messing with him. My husband and I have been together for 24 years married 22. We have 5 kids and 4 grandchildren. She has helped ruin my marriage and our family’s relationship. His job is 2 hours away and she lives in the town. So what do I say when the boys ask why isn’t daddy home? Say, I don’t know go ask his girlfriend or ask daddy why his girlfriend is more important than his family?  He now comes home a few hours later than before he started talking to her. I know I’m an idiot for staying in this marriage but after 24 years I have my own reasons. Anyone who has had their heart ripped out and has been lied to for months should feel the pain and agony every time she even thinks about my husband and should take some of her own advice and grow up her own damn self and quit whoring around with my husband.

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