SoundCloud Complaint


Alright, so I uploaded a track to Soundcloud about a month ago (March 6, 2016) and have been working extremely hard on promotion for it. I have a Pro Unlimited account and in my stats it says I got 18.7k plays in the last week. My song is correctly tagged as Dubstep and even though the 50th track on the Dubstep charts got 17.3k plays in the last week (and mine got 18.7k plays in the last week) my track is not there. My track is tagged correctly and my listeners are engaging with the track (For example my track has 546 likes, 239 reposts and 24 comments right now) but my track is not showing up on the Soundcloud Dubstep charts. I have spent countless hours promoting this track and I am not pleased and am frustrated that my track is not showing up in charts when it deserves to be there.

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