South Bay Expressway highland California Review


I received a Notice of Toll Evasion – Payment Request from Sout Bay Expressway Dated 12/1/10 requesting that I pay $63 by 12/22/2010 or $103 if not paid after 12/22/2010. Further, the letter states that “we may put a hold on your DMV registration”” if payment is not received by 1/15/2011. The letter states that on 11-16-2010 at 9:11 am I didn’t pay the toll at (location) 9004-OLR-NB-2. I have no idea where that is

but it seems to be somewhere near San Diego. This is completely impossible as I haven’t been to or near San Diego in almost 10 years. I called and spoke to a customer service agent who asked for my Citation number and license plate number. Within a few seconds he told me that it obviously wasn’t me and that the case would be closed

and I could verify that by going to their website and entering in the Citation number. Upon doing this

I clicked a link “”VIEW”” to see further details. According to the information on their own website

the violation was by someone with my exact license plate number minus the first digit (there’s was 6 digits mine was 7). It just seems to me that they send these letters out and hope people will just pay them without question. As soon as anyone does question the matter

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