South Bay Expressway Review


I received a DMV Hold Notice from South Bay Expressway stating that I had driven on their toll road without paying. The letter wanted $102.50 ($2.50 for the toll and $100 penalty.) I have never driven on any toll road. I had to look online to even know where the road 2014-OLR-SB-2 was (South San Diego.) I’ve never even been on that road! I checked my schedule/daytimer and found that I was working in my office all day (including the time stamp that they said I was on the toll road.) The letter gives me the option of submitting a letter of explanation. I’m wondering why I keep getting these erroneous letters. I received one stating that I was driving on a toll road in Colorado as well. I will mail the letter of explanation, but I was shocked to find online that many others have had this same problem with South Bay. I hope they resolve it. .

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