Complaint: I want to spare anyone what I went through. I saw an ad in Craigslist and it was for a three day event to have a tent sale to sell used vehicles. I have my license to sell cars and thought I would check it out. I spoke to Ray Simmons who told me that I would easily make $1500 the events were crazy busy and I agreed even at almost 65 years old to work those long hours in the heat. First day, a ghost town but I did get the opportunity to play lot boy and take the vehicless from where they were unloaded onto the lot. An up system was put i place, which one salesman who knew Ray prior felt cause I was old and I was a woman could abuse my rights. Let me explain. Earlier on Saturday, a person came in and was working as a sign twirler and this guy Kal said you spoke to him it was your up….I said no it is not, he works here, but I was put to the back of the list. Then a man comes in Kal talks to him (his lips moved as I was told) and this guy wanted a free hotdog. There was free food at the event. Kal then says I am not doing down for that meaning he was not loosing his turn. I said oh no you don’t you did the same thing to me this morning. I went to management and was basically ignored. Then he goes over to a man who could not buy a car he comes over to me and says You should thank me the guy was a jerk off – I told hin no why would I thank you – you snaked me meaning you stole from me. He then threatened me that he would walk all over me and get my cliens and I should learn how to run fast. Later that day after he made no money he left before our shift saying he would not be back. Then he shows up the next day. I avoided him. Then a man comes in looking for the owner of the dearler and I direct him to Ray. This Kal says your are down, I said no it was not a client the same way you did it to me yesterday and I go to Ray whoi then tells me no one else complains. I said well he does it to only me because he thinks he can and you allow it. He tells me to leave fires me…no big deal as no one was selling any cars one in two days – the finance options did not fit the clientele and more people were turned away then cars sold. Day three I had now worked 12 hours on Sataurday and 9 on Friday. It is 2 PM I have two clients coming in at 4 and another before 6 they called and even confirmed. By telling me to leave he cost me any hope of making money. I spent $25 in gas and my time. He did not act in good faith at all. There were others who witnessed the way I was treated and he cared less. His old friend Kal just did whatever he watned stepped all over me and even called me an ugly dutchbag. What professionals. Ray had said to me I don’t care well that was obvious. So I worked all those hours got no money, was emotionally abused by another employee and he could have cared less. Then as far as the customers, some other sales men stated that customers were being turned down if there was not enough profit in the deal….I myself witness one young family get a crazy high interest rate with decent credit then when she didn’t buy a miracle happened it went from like almost 15% to 9 the cars some of them great buys but others with excessive miles and no warranty were so overpriced like 182K miles who would buy them…. So if you see a tent sale by them at a location that is not the dealer stay far away and don’t even go there to work on the promise you will make money. Half the sales force didn’t sown up the second and less on the third day. I have intergrity and showed up as I promised to do, yet others showed up after 12 left early the following day and yet they got in the rotation no problem…so why the hell did I work those long hours and get no money….this question will be raised with the Labor Board.

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