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Complaint: My former boss Mr. Peter Vigliotta would did not pay me my salary for several weeks. Mr. Vigliottau2019s actions of going several days without paying me lasted the entire time I worked there. After careful evaluation of pay stubs from 2011-today, I realized I had been shorted pay, paid late and not paid at all. On 11/26/16, I filed the first of two unpaid wages claim forms to the department of labor. On 1/7/17, I filed a police report in Islip, NY regarding the late pay dates as well as the bad personal check. On 1/8/17, I confronted Mr. Vigliotta about not paying me and he told me u201cnot to call the department of labor and if I did, I would not have a job nor would he pay me.u201d On 1/11/17, the department of labor sent a collection letter to Mr. Vigliota and he subsequently paid me the $6,019.26 on 1/20/17 for the following pay periods: 11/28/16-12/9/16, 12/12/16-12/23/16, 12/26/16-1/6/17, and 1/9/17-1/20/17. Even though Mr. Vigliotta paid me for the six weeks, he was late, and the damage done to me financially as a result of lateness is my health insurance premium cancelled. Mr. Vigliotta has been shorting me pay, late with pay, for 8 years. As I continued to work, Mr. Vigliotta continued to not pay me my next pay check which was to be given to me on 2/3/17. On 2/13/17, I asked Mr. Vigliotta via face book messenger about getting paid and he proceeded to give me my u201ctwo weeksu2019 noticeu201d after I asked him u201cwhat he did with my money.u201d On 2/14/17, I contacted the department of labor standards to report Mr. Vigliotta retaliated against me after I asked to be paid. On 2/17/17, the department of labor standards assigned my case to the anti-retaliation unit. Dissatisfied with the unitu2019s approach to my case, I chose to seek out alternative representation. On 3/2/17, I asked Mr. Vigliotta when I was getting paid, and he stated 3-6 weeks. Mr. Vigliotta said this knowing he was already 6 weeks late. Mr. Vigliotta also owes me back pay. When I told Mr. Vigliotta I cannot wait another 3-6 weeks to get paid, and asked how he expected me to survive with no pay, he proceeded to become emotionally abusive on the phone and threatened that u201cif I continue to piss him off and be a b***h about asking to get paid, I would not see a dime of what he owes me.u201d When I asked why I was terminated, Mr. Vigliotta stated u201cbecause he could not afford me.u201d Laying me off because he canu2019t afford me is not an excuse. If Mr. Vigliotta could not afford me, he should have let me go so I can find a job elsewhere but should not have continued to keep me on staff and not pay me. It is also important to note, I am the only employee who was terminated from her position and the other employees are still employed there. If he couldnu2019t afford me, then he couldnu2019t afford the others. Mr. Vigliotta retaliated against me for calling the department of labor on him. The pay periods Mr. Vigliotta currently owes me for are: 1/23/17-2/3/17, 2/06/17-2/17/17, 2/20/17-3/3/17, totaling $4,500 (plus some change). Regarding the claim letter from dept of labor, Mr. Vigliotta was instructed to pay me $6,348.00 which he shorted me on when he sent me the certified check for $6,019.26. So, he actually owes me $4,928.00. On 3/2/17, When I asked Mr. Vigliotta how he was able to pay me the $6k, he stated the money came from u201cabove and beyond money Mrs. Marilyn Marcus gave him.u201d This experience has changed my life tremendously as I am unable to complete personal and educational goals. My life is on hold because Mr. Vigliotta has not paid me. As a result, I have a great amount of anxiety and depression. To this day, Mr. Vigliotta has not paid me my final pay or the money he shorted me from the dept of labor claim letter. I asked to get paid, and for that, I lost my job.

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