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Complaint: This South Atlanta Isuzu dealer SOUTHTOWNE ISUZU HYUNDAI SUZUKI is a rip off. They appear to prey on women who bring their cars in for service. These people are the scum of the earth in my book. My wife and I brought her Isuzu Trooper in a year ago because the transmission was shifting funny and getting worse. I was worried that whatever was wrong was going to cause a major problem with the transmission if it wasn’t taken care of soon and I didn’t want to take a chance a off brand repair shop for transmission service ,so we went to a “reputable”” Isuzu dealership. Being in a type of auto sales myself for the past 15 years my experience told me that the problem was a shifting position sensor. It seemed obvious when on the way to the Southtowne Isuzu I noticed the lights on the dash showing what gear the car is in were acting funny. I told the service man that we gave out keys to what the car was doing and what I thought was wrong and my wife gave him the keys and filled out a form. because the car is my wife’s

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Address: the work order was in her name

Website: 000.00 (FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR) transmission! This man then proceeded to tell me that the mechanic that diagnosed the car was very experienced in transmissions and the car needed it. I was shocked! Not only because of the price tag but that this guy didn’t make sure I was sitting down before he tried to have his way with me. THANK GOD the car was still drivable and I was experienced enough to tell that these people were trying to scam us. I FEEL SORRY FOR WOMEN OR OTHERS WHO AREN’T MECHANICALLY INCLINED OR EXPERIENCED AND CAN BE SCREWED BY SOUTHTOWNE ISUZU. After getting the car back I called a mechanic friend who works on diesel trucks and asked him for advice. He referred me to a transmission shop called WOODCO TRANSMISSION SERVICES in Hapeville

Phone: not mine. We left there and went with some friends to 6 flags for the day. I was really hoping to find out the car was going to be fixed that day and able to be picked up on our way home but wasn’t even remotely prepared for the phone call I got a few hours later. A man called from the service department of the car dealership and blurted out that the car had a bad transmission and it would cost $4

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