Southwest Airlines Panteog Texas Review


Southwest Airlines is full of crapy. They still practice the “good ole boy”” mentality and have no compassion for gays or blacks. The CEO

Gary Kelly is using the company for his on persoanl gain. Like hiring is personal company for research paid by Southwest Airlines. Inadequate Internal Audit reporting to “”look good””. The company borrowed $600 Million dollars

inclusive of six countries to survive. The company tires to protray this “”unblemished”” image and employees had the job

but falsely smile like they do. This company operates like a compound. False executives and other leaders allowed to display gay pron and racial CDs for the interal racist enjoyment. If you think Southwest Airlines is commited to customer service think again. If you are so great why borrow money and have no brown people as a board of directore. They have one black female “” a token”” that does not give a d**n about people of color as a VP of Reservations. She is only concenred about making her Jaguar payment. The FAA maintnance issue is possibly true as all are buddies of the “”good ole boys”” club. Intenal Audit destroyed documents after the company was under investigation. Fly this airline and risk your life. Maintenance and inspectors particiapte in Deck Parties on Fridays at the comany where alcohol is served. I guest SWA has preference and this is not a conflict of interest. Smart Company! The love getting rid of black


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