Spa-direct brampton Ontario Review


This is to inform anyone who is looking for emplayment at , it is a mobile service that is owned by Audrey Hlembizki she has been know for not paying her employees , and when you ask for your money she simply does not reply , and when you do a hold of her she beats around the bush , until it is convenient for her to pay you as the longer she takes it cost her less , many estiticians and massage therapist have left because her lack of paying . i recommend if you are in the health and beauty industry do not work here its a waste of time and money! it took me over a month to recive my cheque which was also missing over a hundred dollars . so please stay away from nsammy nEnriquenbrampton, OntarioCanada

The Sterling Inn Niagra Falls Toronto , Niagra Falls , Montreal, Vancouver ,calgary , Coll, Ontario Canada


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