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I rc’vd email offering a job and trial period to be an online assistant. I googled Universal LLC and couldn’t find much. I proceeded. Many duplicate emails within seconds of each other as the days progressed. I was put through a trial period requiring many simple tasks researching for “clients” 2-3 hrs per day M-F. They call at all hours and email at all hours. I repeated responded that was not the term set in the FAQ’s on website. I never hear back other than the next “task” or update on “task” Here is the last email-I know now huge scam at least I only wasted TIME and NOT MONEY.
LAST EMAIL- I responded with remove me from your company-(short version)

I just got off the phone with the client in regards to the art gallery project. Your additional assistance is required.

Our client tried to pay western union on-line from their corporate account. Both Western Union and MoneyGram advertises it?s possible to submit payments online, but when you try to send more than $1,000 a day from the account it won?t allow that much. I called western union and they told me you have to do that from any western union office.
Our client told me they spent like an hour trying to do something online, as they are used to do everything from their cash management online and talked to western union customer care but no luck. They need your assistance at this point because it was not possible to send the money online.

So, they want their assistant take care of everything. Since the art gallery requires only western union, our client will pay you the money for the art item(s) in advance plus your bonus and you will western union art gallery. You will be paid additional $300 for that assignment.

First of all, I want you to understand that part-time assistant is not only virtual work from home. You have to work on assignment locally. Assisting with corporate gifting in one of your responsibilities. Our client trusts us because this is our existing client, they have already purchased a lot of stuff using our services.

Normally, you would pay western union with the company card. However, as per the agreement, you will get the card only once you qualify your trial period. This is our company policy and we simply cannot provide company cards 1st week and then spend time on checking every expense.

You will find your direct deposit attached to this email.

This is exactly the same as we use for payroll as well. We expect our client will place deposit of approx.:

– $7,000 (Art Item)
– $1,500 (shipping)
– $170 (approx. money gram union fees ? might need to re-confirm with them)
– $300 (Your Bonus)
Total: $8,970

In case you can negotiate other payment options with the art gallery, so they provide with their bank account ? our client will pay them directly. If no ? your assistance is needed. It is important to realize that you are not required to take any action until you see the payment in your account. You may keep this account to received future payroll from our company. Let me know if your bank charges some $$$ to set up an account. This amount would be sent together with funds for the the art gallery, western union transfer fees your bonus.

Again, there will be no checks. Our client will pay to your account (or the art gallery if available) and you will need to work on it only once the money is in your account.

Let me know if you have any questions. There are also other tasks already available, but I want to make sure this one is taken care 1st since this client is important to us.

Eric Gray
HR Manager
attn Cheryl

( As you see this was a 5 day major set up and I wasted tons of time again, at least not money & bank account info.). I demand DON’t fall for this company.. Stay away

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