SPI Property Management Review


I foolishly singed a lease with these people who have done absolutely nothing to fix all that is wrong for an overpriced apartment in a below par building. | Firstly, the carpet was never replaced upon move in, I had to take photo’s of the worse, most disgusting stains and send it to them before they would replace it. They replaced it in a portion of the apartment, but not the living room,or the other half of the apartment, and I am forced to rent a carpet cleaner monthly to try to salvage what’s left of carpet that should be thrown out. The apartment was advertised as having a washer and dryer, I couldn’t use the dryer for the first three months because it was broken. They finally replaced the knob, only for it to break 2 months later, same problem, and it’s still unusable. The ceiling began to leak profusely just above a lamp and aquarium I had below it, shorted the lamp, and dripped used, water from the aparmtnet above into my aquarium. This happened on 3 seperate occasions. The refrigerator died 4 months after being there, once replaced, it is too big to fit in the space for it, so I cannot use the dishwasher because the door won’t open, because the fridge hangs out too far. None of the fixtures, or holders work, toilet paper roll holder, ect. they were all wobbly and fell within a month of being there. | I was told my rent check never made it one month, so I had to go through the process of filing a claim to get the funds back, 2 months later, Lisa stated she had lost the check, which, I am for sure she lost the first one but did not want to admit fault. Irresponsible. The electricity bill in the apartment runs 298 dollars a month through winter, as 9 out of the 10 vents in the apartment blow cold air, do not blow at all, or are very weak. Over summer, I spent 2 months with no running air and the apartment temp was 80 degrees. Now I am dealing with a broken oven for 2 months, and they’ve done nothing to fix it. There are mice crawling through the walls and ceiling, and when I told the maintence guy George all he said was, do the traps work? They won’t work if the mice are in the walls and ceiling, and with the obnoxious amount i am paying in rent, which is paying the buildings mortgage, should you ask about a mouse trap? | They’re getting fat pockets from the renters in this building that should be overhauled, are lazy, and should be ashamed. I would not recommed anyone renting from these crooks, the aprtment is in the city, needs more work than i can type, and they are asking 895 for it. The enitre building was bought for 89,000. Do not rent from these people. I have never been more frustrated, dissapointed, or diagusted in my life. I am only here to finish out my lease. The pictures they used to advertise were a blatant lie.


  • Name: SPI Property Management
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Charlotte
  • Address: 2400 Crownpoint Executive Dr. Suite 300
  • Phone: 704-844-0244
  • Website: www.spiclt.com/

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