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I, like many people remember spiegel as a long time respected catalog company with nice clothes and accessories before victorias secret and such. I ordered from sister site Newport News numerous times from the late 90’s into the 2000’s. n Recently I decided to order from Spiegel after they had emailed me repeatedly for months offering substantial discounts. nEvery three days or so and sometimes daily I would get an email from them offering anywhere from 30% to 80% off my order. nSo wed. Feb 1st 2012 I built a cart on their site and the total was automatically adjusted to reflect my 40% discount. No coupon code required. I registered with them using my email address and set up a password. I never submitted the order so my cart automatically emptied when it timed out. nThen the next day I got an email offering 60% off. then 75% a couple days later 80% off EVERYTHING. No coupon code was offered and no expiration date. Just “while supplies last””. 80% was offered Sunday morning. So Sunday evening I entered all the merchandise I wanted into a cart on their site. Many of the same items i had selected before as they were still showing in stock. No discount was tallied. I was asked to register and my email address was not recognized from before. So I registered again. immediately i got and email offering 15% off my order and a coupon code was given. Not only was my 80% discount NOt calculated but when I tried entering the coupon code to get 15% it was not recognized either. nAfter reading the emails over and over as well as the fine print…which btw the fine print on 15% off was that I could get 30% off if I entered the coupon code LOL. I emailed customer service and asked for a code to get the 80% off. This was Sunday night. No response and today is Tuesday. On monday I called customer service and was told that although the rep understood what I was saying he would get fired if he gave me a discount. I would need to speak to a supervisor and they were not available. The super would call me back. I gave my # and my full name. No call back as of yet.nI searched the word SPIEGEL in my yahoo email and found no less than 30 recent emails from them offering near daily discounts. Obviously there is a problem that they are aware of based on other complaints I have read. nSome of their emails brag and boast about it being a 145 yr old company valueing their customers. That is Bull. Its an old company that has gone to hell in my opinion. Do not buy from Spiegel. They take advantage of the consumer and take no action to resolve reported problems. Normally i would not be so quick to put someone on blast but I cant see any reason why they would set up email campaigns to promote discounts that they do not honor other than to deceive and profit from such deception. nBy the way I read other complaints that state Spiegel is in bankrupcy and that they do not give refunds and generally give runaround like charging full price on your card when you were entitled to a discount.”

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