Spirit Airlines coral spirngs Florida Review


On Saturday October 4, I arrived at Ft lauderdale airport iwth my 79 year old mother for a flight to Atlanta, walking to the terminal she tripped and fell braking her arm. as it was 6am I had to rush her to the hospital myself. From the emergency room I called spirit airlines to report the issue, I was told that I needed to pay a change fee to change the flight. As My mom was going into evaluation I told the lady that I would have to call a bit later to talk to a supervisor. I had to explain the issue several times as the lady did not seem to speak english well. When I was finally able to call back, a new agent told me we were a no-show and coudl not change the flight or get a refund. I again explaned the reason and told her no other airline in the world would do this to an elderly lady but no joy. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after waiting forever got the same response from her. so basically this airline will not allow a 79 year old lady to change her flight after fallign and having to go to the hospital for a broken arm that required surgery. this is the lowest of the lowest. not only will they not let us change the outbound fligt but also the returns and will not refund either. I created a case with the BBB but doubt this will be much help, I also contacted discover card whrere I charged the flights but again I doubt this will help so I call my fellow flyers to boycot this shameless group of thieves.

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