When we bought the airline tickets one year ago and got into 9 fare club, the customer service representative told me that they will send an email to notify about any renewals. Our surprise when we got the credit card bill with a $59.99 charge for annual membership that automatically renews without any notice. I try to call customer service and first of all the phone number is very hard to get unless you do a good research. Finally I the found phone # and I had to talk to a guy from India that was very difficult to hear and to understand also. after 1 hour waiting over the phone I was able to talk to a “supervisor”” who told me the same bs: “”it is a non refundable membership fee

you can cancel it now and will not be charged next year”” (it is been just 5 days since they run my cc) It is unbelievable the poor service and nonsense from this people to resolve issues. If you are reading this it’s because you probably are another victim of this crocks so do not spend your time calling them because you will not go anyware. PLEASE be aware of this ripoff. It is amazing how this company takes the money without authorization and get away with it. Now I am going to dispute the charge with the credit card

cancel this usless membership and get a new card to prevent this guys to steal more money from me next year.”

Internet United States of America

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