Spirit Tours Brampton Ontario Review


In May 2008, I booked a trip for a Marian Shrines Riviera & Rome Tour through a representative in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from October 18-31, 2008. Although the touring company was in California, and I am in Toronto, Ontario, there was a listed a Toronto Tour Coordinator and contact, so I called her. She told me to send in $1,500.00 as a deposit. nIn August 2008, I sent in the balance of $4430 for a total of $5,930.00. About 14 days before we were to leave on the tour, I received a call from the Toronto agent, who told me the tour was cancelled. At this point it looks like our money will not be refunded!! nI would like to hear from anyone who may have been able to get their money back so that they might inform me as to what steps I should take to resolve this matter. This is nothing but an outrage!!! nLitonBrampton, OntarioCanada

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